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Intech Skill Development is a full service hockey school located at Paramount Ice, in North York.

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About the

Upper York Secondary School is an, accredited Ontario high school offering a full range of courses from grade 9 to 12. Educational programs are designed specifically for students in our Hockey Program providing a flexible schedule while maintaining a focus on education leading to a wide variety in post-secondary pathways in Canadian or USA Universities, Junior. A, OHL, USHL etc.

UYSS along with In-Tech Performance and Paramount Ice Complex has created a unique Hockey Program which gives students the opportunity to combine high-quality education with top-level on-ice hockey development and skills training at a state-of-the-art facility.

Designed as a 20,000+ square-foot smart facility from the ground up, Upper York Secondary School is the perfect option for thriving hockey athletes. With flexible start dates, on-site extracurricular activities, food services, and accommodations this school is the perfect way to learn and develop in a professional setting.

Our Vision

To provide high-quality education and top-level hockey training in a safe, fun and positive environment with an emphasis on balanced development and meeting the unique needs and personal goals of each individual student-athlete.

School Highlights
  • Ontario Ministry School Curriculum leading to an OSSD
  • Academic University Preparation Programs and university counselling using both the USA and Canadian University admission process
  • Experienced and proven Administrative Team
  • Open communication and partnership with parents
  • Personalized academic counselling and career planning
  • On-site tutoring and ongoing student assessment
  • Personalized and flexible schedules for Athletes with eLearning classrooms that follow students while competing in tournaments
  • Extensive ESL and IELTS prep program

Specialized Programs and Pathways include:

  • Engineering and Computer Science
  • Business and Finance
  • Communications Technology
  • Health Science and Kinesiology
  • The Arts
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Upper York Secondary Hockey Program
  • 45,000 sq.ft. state of the art facility for Elite Hockey On/Off-Ice Training
  • 5 Days a week On – Ice Training (12 hours a week)
  • 5 Days a week Off-Ice Training (5 hours a week)
  • Professional coaching and training
  • Jerseys and socks
  • Transportation
  • Exclusive use of UYYS Dressing Room at Paramount Ice Complex


Upper York Secondary Schools’ Varsity Hockey Training Program is designed for players looking for that extra competitive advantage for their on-ice and off-ice training.  The program is seamlessly integrated into the school day, allowing students to focus both on curriculum expectations and interests, and their personalized physical training.

In partnership with our off-ice In-Tech High-Performance Development, this program focuses on developing hockey players with a highly structured, intense conditioning plan. Players are introduced to new skills along with being provided the opportunity to refine existing ones.

Working collaboratively with families, our staff will determine the appropriate program and level of training for each individual student-athlete to maximize potential on-ice.

Included in our advanced hockey program:

  • Athlete testing through Sporttesting
  • Intense conditioning plan by In-tech High Performance
  • Video IQ awareness/game scenarios
  • Body awareness/rehabilitation
  • High/Low percentage game situations
  • Puck awareness drills
  • Shooting passing
  • Puck protection/creating space in small areas
  • Shoot to score etc.


Our Youth Athletic Development Program allows students and athletes to benefit from an introduction to fitness and basic conditioning. This gym only program includes exercise demonstrations and nutritional education sessions to help conquer training and fuel goals to achieve and maintain good physical condition.

Upper York Secondary School’s Youth Athletic Development Program teaches the fundamentals and learn to train components of the Canadian Sport for Life development model for our youth athletes and students. Coming out of this program students will have developed physical literacy and have the basic skills to be active for life, and the foundation to further pursue healthy living.


Upper York Secondary Schools’ Intro to Hockey Program is offered to players with minimal playing experience. This program demonstrates and explores the beginning stages of hockey, including stick handling, shooting, skating, and the basic fundamentals of hockey.

Our Intro to Hockey Program is taught in a fun and supported environment that is guided by Paramount Ice and In-tech Skill Development’s professional on-ice instructors two to three times a week.

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